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Protect yourself and your assets…

Many people simply overlook the importance of life insurance. Usually because it doesn’t appear to be something they have an immediate need for, or it can be viewed simply as an added expense. But take a second to stop and consider all the important people in your life, and if you were not there or able to provide, how would they be impacted financially? We never like spending time thinking about “if there was no tomorrow” or if tomorrow would change your life forever for the worse. It is here that you can begin to understand that life insurance is a critical tool to ensuring you and your family feels financially secure and protected should anything happen.

If you do not have any or enough life insurance, where will you and your family likely look for financial support in a time of need?

Many people have no idea how much insurance they need. There are many factors to take into account to decide this, and at Planning Box, our financial professionals can help quantify how much and what type of insurance makes the most sense, then tailor it to your specific circumstances and have it put in place. Even if you already think you have adequate insurance from old policies, it is important to review these to ensure they are current and provide the optimum value based on an ever-changing financial landscape.

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